Debate in EU on Spanish Coastal law and AUKEN report on the 24 FEB

Write to your MEP´s today and ask them  to support a debate in the EU Parliament on Spanish Coastal law and the Auken report on the 24/25 FEB.On monday 8 feb, in the European Parliament, Marta Andreasen tried to put a debate on the housing abuse in Spain onto Parliament’s agenda. The Spanish delegations in the EPP and the Socialist parties persuaded their groups to vote against so the result was 69 to 216 against her proposal.    She has requested that the debate be re-tabled for the February 24th-25th part session and the request already has the full support of the Greens. In order to balance the Spanish opposition it would be a good idea if   everyone  could write an e-mail to their MEP see:-;jsessionid=1AA782A3A2D2013FA4D0608D571A707F.node1?language=en